Saturday, January 10, 2015

OS::Nova::ServerGroup Backport to Icehouse Completed!!



I had been waiting for quite some time for OS::Nova::ServerGroup Heat resource feature to be released, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I can't upgrade to Juno and have to stay supporting Icehouse.

I tried to get our IaaS provider to do the backport and ran into the usual, "it will take X long to do this and we aren't even sure if it is possible." I took it upon myself to investigate (given ServerGroups are already supported in the Nova Icehouse release) as it should be fairly trivial since the heat team did all of the work in adding the resource to Juno.

As I expected it was fairly trivial and I was able to accomplish this while watching the Toronto Raptors game..

Proof below

- Openstack AIO Icehouse or DevStack
- still running the novaclient v 2.17.0 which is the released version for icehouse
- obviously Openstack Heat installed

Version of packages installed:

Template used for test:

Stack Create:

Voila OS::Nova::ServerGroup:

What's next ? well I am going to try and see if I can get this into as patch release of Icehouse, so I wont be publishing the backport here, I have done much more testing then the above, including in an openstack cluster of 30+ compute nodes & controllers and everything is working and distributing across all of the compute nodes nicely. I have not run the openstack unit tests yet. I will update this post soon!!


So after conferring with colleagues they do no believe that it would be accepted by the community as a candidate for a patch because of the novaclient changes, so I will post a link to the patch here shortly. One simple option would be to upgrade to the latest novaclient on your openstack heat nodes and make a minor change to two files which I will post as well.

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